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Healthcare is losing its best people: the events of 2020 simply made it more evident and more concerning. While healthcare executives scramble to hold onto their best medical professionals, the drumbeat outside often promises a better life, better balance, and freedom from productivity targets. Healthcare CEOs struggle to translate the business of health care to the people who provide the 'care' in health care.

Vie Health was founded on the premise that health care CAN work for everyone. We have a vision of a healthcare system that fosters collaboration between diverse teams working towards a common goal of improving health while engaging and empowering all partners.

Our mission is to serve healthcare systems through our unique ability to critically analyze the experience they provide and design customized systems that address the triple bottom line of productivity, patient experience and provider satisfaction.

If you are a healthcare system which:

- does not accept provider attrition as the norm

- believes that the patient experience is worth preserving

- remains committed to a healthy bottom line

We are here to serve you.

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Ihuoma G. Emenuga MD, MPH, MBA
Chief Medical Officer/Chief Clinical Operations

The practice of medicine is without a doubt one of the greatest privileges of my life. And I have often said that being a mom to our four children is the only thing that I cherish more than being a physician.
I am passionate about designing healthcare systems that work for everyone and I have unrelentingly pursued the belief that providing health care that is sustainable, safe, and cost-effective while remaining sensitive to both the patient and provider experience is possible.
As a physician and parent, I am fortunately not immune to the human experience and my life’s journey has given me a well-rounded vantage point: the perspective of a provider, patient, patient-advocate, and primary caregiver.
Over a career that has spanned more than two decades, I have witnessed the healthcare industry struggle to keep up with the times. I have watched as the reality of limited resources has led to change and restructuring which has often resulted in a lose-lose scenario on both sides of the patient-provider relationship.
My experience has traversed five different countries across three continents, as I have sought innovative ways to make healthcare work for everyone. From designing Drug Revolving Funds, Safe Motherhood Initiatives and Safety Net Programs in West Africa to developing a physician peer-mentoring program in Washington DC, to managing School-Based-Health-Centers in Baltimore City, I have found that solving unconventional problems demands the willingness to explore unconventional solutions.

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